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Well, it is Clan Mech Day on Mechwarrior Online (though only if you pre-ordered, the rest will have to wait), but the discussions from the test server footage brought up talk about LRMs (long range missiles), and the hatred that tends to follow those who use them. This further segues into a pee peeve of mine- "I/My character doesn't use/like a certain weapon/attack/tactic because it's 'cheap'/skill-less/cowardly". Notice I did't add "dumb", because some weapons in games, art, and real life are. This also isn't really to pick at any friends or anything, though I remember a few people who have characters who've said something similar.

The aforementioned LRMs, for example- with a maximum range of 1000 meters and a minimum of 180 meters, a pilot can potentially rain havoc all over an arena  with minimal exposure. True. The downside? They need to have someone constantly spotting for them (to maintain lock-on), and very good knowledge of the terrain, or else they just hit scenery. But when they do work? They can swing the match just as much as a close range team brawl or a solid medium range engagement. Even if the pilot dumb fires to barrage an area (due to target jamming), that's still a fairly potent tool to have. also, getting slapped with 5, 10, 15, or 20 missiles hurts. And there's plenty of footage floating about where one person earns painful, destructive salvos from at least 4-5 other mechs just because he's been seen (and sometimes tagged with either a homing beacon or laser range finder).

Pardon the tangent, but I think you see the point there. But what really gets me is when some people go to the point of kicking people, complete strangers, from games, from their own teams even, for having something they don't like. How are they supposed to know? Back in the last days of the Xbox, I had been playing co-op in Close Combat: First to Fight, and dropped into a room with the only option available for the match- as the team Autorifleman bearing a M249. Apparently, the person running the room didn't see me enter, but as the first firefight erupted, he decided to insult anyone and everyone who uses it (because they're "cheap"), and then kicked me from the room after the fighting ended. A total of maybe 4 minutes. And because he failed to adjust the room properly, he's eternally kicking a 4th person for his own bias.

Maybe you don't like sniper rifles or casters or what have you. But give'em a chance. As well as that attack or maneuver you don't like. Play the class or archetype you usually avoid. Not because you might like it, but so that A) you'll learn how to work with/use it, and B) you might learn better how to fight the ones on the other team.

/end rant


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